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Feb. 20, 2022

Introduction Podcast

It takes a lot of work to put these together. More than I realized. But with the passion I have for this field, it's well worth it.

The Introduction podcast was created for the sole purpose of introducing myself, my co-host and the purpose/goal of these podcasts.

I am the host, Dave Summitt. I really don't like talking about myself but I've been told that I need to highlight some of my experience so that you can have a baseline of what I bring and share.

Personally I am a father of six and grand-dad of 4. My wife and I reside in central Florida. I have been in Florida since the late 90s but originally from Indiana, a Hoosier at heart. 

Professionally I've been in the electronics/computer field since the early 80s. I have a 21 year career in the Department of Defense, Navy civilian employment in my background, a former owner of a computer consulting and web design/hosting business. More about my professional career will be in another post "About the host"

About the podcast: I saw a need to begin discussing cyber and cyber topics after realizing that there are many people that have an interest but don't know where to turn. In addition, the resources that are searched for and other podcasts tend to be technical in nature with targeted audiences that are already in the field.  It's time to have discussions that are less technical and more high-level that will allow the listeners to understand the concepts that many of us in the field take for granted. So that's where these podcasts begin. 

In the intro-podcast, I introduce my co-host Andrew Rish. Andrew was chosen for the reason that he is not in the cyber field. I wanted someone that could ask questions and keep the topics from becoming to technical, all the while having fun with the discussions.

The podcasts will be informal, non-scripted and off-the-cuff. "3-Point Cyber" was chosen as the name because at the end of each episode, we'll identify 3 main points that we hope the listener will take-away from listening. Each episode will also have a guest that is well-known in the field to help with topics. I hope you enjoy this series.

Please email us at 3PointCyber @ gmail.com if you have comments, questions, topic suggestions or just want to chat with us.  Thanks for reading and tuning in.