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Eddie Doyle

Sales & Marketing Leader / Keynote Speaker

To listen is human. To pay close attention is superhuman. Knowing and having the courage to speak what is true. Embracing as much responsibility as one can endure. Becoming fierce. Pursuing meaningful engagement with fellow citizens. These are the foundation stones upon which timeless character and corporations are built.
Those corporations & citizens need protection from cyber crime & Eddie’s unmatched track record of enthusiastic leadership and enormous obsession with inspiring people, molds his customers into battle-hardened winners, unafraid to fire moonshots.
Working with enterprise organizations, university think tanks & corporate leaders to articulate the complex subject of cyber security in an engaging manner has been Eddie's forté for decades & when working with Eddie, he champions his customers through this complexity, promoting their initiatives to fruition, whether it be through supporting their ideas to a boardroom of peers & influencers or a memorable large-audience keynote.
With an unshakable optimism and vision to bring his network the most relevant global peak-performance insights on effective communication, through a competitive uncompromising passion for winning the day, Eddie has cut his teeth across three continents, growing market share and profitability for start-up and enterprise businesses, changing the way corporate commanders think, act and operate, specific to mastery of communicating complex ideas to their teams.
From a peer-reviewed background of excellence in cyber security & a very practical understanding of the global threat landscape, Eddie is regularly featured as an expert in leading media outlets and analysis, via keynote addresses, panel discussions & interviews, as well as lecturing at leading universities.
Obsessed with an unbridled desire to use objective reality as humanity’s only absolute & to engage in the hero's journey of pursuing productive achievement as our noblest activity, Eddie's zealous love of people invites you to engage with him in making the world a better place by bringing your ideas into fruition, launching you into a legendary future!

May 31, 2022

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